Learn How to Sell Quickly and Easily, Make Appointments, Build relationships, Handle Objections, Close sales, Follow-up Quotes and Mail-outs

This is the most comprehensive telephone sales programme available, taught in an easy step by
Step formula that you can watch and learn at your own pace. It is presented by Jenny Cartwright, Australia’s leading telesales trainer,who has over 20 years experience in both practising and training telesales.

  • Over 30,000 people can’t be wrong, 30,000 people have experienced this programme live, it is now on dvd and CD too.
  • Over 6 hours of training condensed to 4 hours for DVD.
  • Guaranteed to Improve your sales performance
  • Get the results you are looking for now!

Here what people are saying who have done the course…

“I just wanted to say that I learnt so much from your training. I actually got the quarter best sales person award from Federal Publishing as a result.” Ritu Maharaj — Federal Publishing

“Since your course, I am getting a whopping great 30% appointment rate!!! Thank you for showing me these valuable skills.” Lea Rushton — Firstbase Consulting Network

“Thank you so much for the training day. I can’t believe the difference in my confidence.” Helen Svolos — Secure Print

“Inspiring, Motivating and Extremely informative. A worthwhile investment for myself and my staff. The knowledge and tools that I received are indispensable and were implemented immediately.” Sophia Calligeros — Greater Building Society

Here’s What You Get in the DVDs

DVD 1: Vital Communication Skills for Telephone Selling

You can have all the sales skills in the world but telephone selling is not going to work unless you have the right tonality. Many people think success is all in the script but if you read the script with a boring, monotone voice, you are not going to sell anything. The telephone is an energy transfer between you and the customer. This DVD will show you 5 ways to sound fantastic on the phone and use positive sales language. It will also reveal what else you need to do to be successful at telephone sales.

What you will learn in this DVD

  • The 3 Keys To Telephone Sales Success
  • To set objectives for every call
  • The Top 10 Qualities Of A Great Telesales Person
  • 5 Ways To Sound Fantastic
  • Professional Telephone Etiquette
  • Words That Sell And Words That Don’t and much more…

DVD 2: How To Make An Appointment by Phone

There is a definite art to selling appointments over the telephone. The key is that you sell the idea of the appointment and not the actual product or service.

This DVD will give you a structure how to build an appointment setting script starting from the words to use to get past the gatekeeper and open the call to the closing strategy to win the appointment.

What You will learn in this DVD

  • The Little Known Ways To Get Past the Gatekeeper
  • Techniques To Open a Cold Call Without Creating Resistance
  • The Key To Grabbing The Prospect’s Interest
  • Powerful Questioning Skills To Build Rapport
  • 6 Great Listening Skills That Show You Care
  • The Magic Formula For An Appointment Script
  • and much more …

DVD 3: Winning Sales Techniques

It is important to know how to word a phone presentation to a customer or prospect to get the most out of each type of call you do. You have very little time on a telephone call compared to face to face. This DVD will provide you with a formula to create an effective sales presentation that will work both on the phone and face to face. You will then be able to adapt it to different situations.

By following-up mail outs, quotes, existing customers, inactive customers and sales, you earn at least 20% more money than if you missed out on doing this part of the sales process. It is vital to learn the most powerful way to open the call in each of these situations and how to use different closing techniques.

What You will learn in this DVD

  • How to Sell Benefits not Advantages
  • How to construct a telesales script
  • 10 Easy Ways To Close The Sale
  • Selling Strategies On Incoming calls
  • Up selling Skills
  • Techniques For Following – Up Sales, Existing Customers, Inactive Customers, Mail-outs, Specials And Quotes
  • and much more …

DVD 4: The 6 Steps to Planning a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

There are a number of things to think about to to ensure your telemarketing campaign runs smoothly. If one of the steps is not being done, then your results won’t be as good as they could be.

Should a disease known as call reluctance strike, you will need a few of the strategies in this dvd to overcome this quickly. Call reluctance is definitely a deterrent to your results.

What You will learn how to do in this DVD

  • Set Goals And Measure Your Daily Success
  • Write A Telesales Script That Works
  • Handle The Objections
  • Know Whom To Target
  • Prepare Yourself
  • Keep Track Of Follow-ups
  • Ways To Overcome Call Reluctance
  • and much more …

Learn Complicated Techniques easily and quickly

Jenny Cartwright is one of Australia’s most talented telephone sales persons. Jenny’s teaching style is one of using simple to remember stories and illustrations so you will be able to learn quickly and easily.

Easy to Follow and Understand

We teach via Live Instructional DVD Programs because we know that you learn more quickly and easily when somebody shows, explains and demonstrates what needs to be done.

Study that fits into your lifestyle

Our course programs give you the flexibility to study when and where you want through Live Instructional DVD Programs. Have you course fit your lifestyle, not change your lifestyle to fit your course.